Simple proccess. Intelligent management. Incalculable gain.

Consumer reading onstore

Your customers don't have to do more in the sales process, only place their order. Your employees can identify in the screen each one of them in real time, no matter if they don't know your customers previously.

Display of intelligent suggestions

When the customer was identified, our system display some intelligent suggestion aligned with the trends of consumer of the customer that you employee have in front of he/she.

Data storage on private database

All the data that is managed during each one of the sales processes is stored in your private database that we provide to you.

Data Transformation in consumer knowledge

We process all the data that your business stored and we transform it in real knowledge that help you to improve your customer experience. You can see all the data displayed in organized dashboards.


Here are some of the advantages that you can obtain with our system.


Know each one of your consumers in real time.

It doesn't matter if you have one or thousands, they are the reason of your business.

  • Your employees will be able to know your customers, even if they have never seen them before. Only with one click.
  • You will have access to a predictive algorithm that allow display in screen of suggestions aligned with your customers.
  • Your sales process won't have any change, our system doesn't add any steps to that process.
  • Your customers don't have to do more, like log into an app or scan a QR code, not even show the smart card.
  • You will have high quality information of your customers, no doubt about that.

What are you going to win?

Your benefits, the reason of our existence.

  • Know each customer punctually, without spreadsheets. Intelligent dashboards.
  • Customer Lifetime Value of each customer. Know who are your truly best consumers.
  • Hyperpersonalization of promotions. Give what your customers really want from your brand.
  • And most important, save much money in your marketing campaigns.

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Our trends

We based our system on some social and technological trends that day after day take more strength. Here are some of them:

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Freaquently Asked Question

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We use high technology, named RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This technology allows us to scan each consumer, knowing their basic personal information and their purchase history that they have with your brand. This scan is done remotely, which allow your employee and the customer, not make more steps during the sales process.
The first step is to register on our community by clicking here. In the shortest possible time one of our agents will contact you to arrange a visit where he will show a personalized demonstration of the system. If the visit is successful, simply you have to acquire any of our plans.
Each of our customers has a separate database each other, allowing us to offer security and independence among all customers of our system. We pledge to maintain complete confidentiality of customer data.
Safety is the reason of being of our system. We understand that this is the most critical issue, because of that, we have the highest safety standards for total peace of mind of our customers.